Exhale... we have you covered.

Campus Concierge is an all-in-one resource for students and their families. From moving in to moving out, and everything in-between, we deliver customized resources and solutions for college and graduate students.  Put our 45 + years of deep, unrivaled capabilities to work for your family. We deliver the peace of mind that you deserve.

It's hard to be in two places at once.

Campus Concierge is here to help providing vetted resources
and logistical support.


Are you having difficulty finding Health Professionals for your student’s unique needs? Is your student experiencing a crisis or an unexpected health issue? Campus Concierge is here to provide support and vetted resources for medical, behavioral, and psychological needs.


When you don't know where to begin, turn to Campus Concierge Service for referrals and support services.  We provide a comprehensive collection of student support services focused on academic success and logistical preparedness at an economical price.


Moving is a time consuming hassle.  Let our experienced staff plan and execute your next college move.  We can even help with temporary moves for summer, athletics, or study abroad.


College is an exciting time to study and travel abroad , but the necessary paperwork and planning can be overwhelming.  Campus Concierge reduces the stress by guiding students through the details.


International students benefit from customized services designed to enrich their personal, academic, and professional opportunities while in the United States.  Students receive personalized attention for their unique needs for the entire academic year.




Need an extra set of hands? No time to get stuff done? Are you overwhelmed? Let us take your "to do" list off your plate.


We offer a broad selection of care packages to brighten your student's day.  Leave the details and direct delivery to us.


Wellbeing is about much more than physical health.

Grades are one measure of college, but students who thrive are more than a healthy grade point average. Research suggests that students who engage in the learning process, develop time-management skills, possess positive emotions, create healthy relationships, and establish a sense of purpose, become the individuals who thrive in school and beyond. These traits are not fully formed in any college student. Instead, a student’s preparedness vacillates according to their challenges and experience.

Campus Concierge provides the helping hand securing the where, why, when, who and how to conquer unique challenges. Our goal is to provide support, a safety net, that leads students to discover dynamic solutions, increased independence, and improved confidence. Campus Concierge supports students and their families as they master the skills needed for today so they can develop the skills needed to thrive tomorrow.