We Start Where Placement Agencies End.

Campus Concierge understands the many challenges faced by international students on American campuses.  Our services begin where the foreign agencies' end.  We remove the guesswork and make the transitions easier.  Our International package is for the entire academic year, from first deposit to move out.  It combines the best of all our offerings and includes residential assistance, academic reinforcement, immigration visa monitoring, cultural enrichment, integrated health care referrals and language tutoring. 


Integrated Health Care

Our entire Integrated and Behavioral Health offering is included. After discussing behavioral and medical needs with your student, our licensed Social Worker will customize a unique and vetted list of resources to support your student at school. A general evaluation of insurance coverage will be included and explained.

Employment Coaching

 Campus Concierge starts with resume development and interview preparedness and coaching.  We also assist in identifying important resources for job searches and consult with your student during the job search. 



Residential Move- In Service

We will guide you through the planning process to explain each component and deadline.  Everything in our First Year Preparation and Move-In Service is included for all students from first year to graduate level.

Academic Reinforcement

Our experts help students navigate their international study program and develop strong skills in personal organization and time management. We have monthly conferences with each student identify academic challenges and craft solutions to address language deficiencies and academic struggles. Our Eyes on Education package is provided with sensitivity to issues unique to foreign students:



Immigration & VISA Support

We will monitor local and federal changes in immigration laws and help students navigate the complicated VISA process in the United States.

Cultural Support

Homesickness, loneliness, and confusion can often play a role in academic success. To ease the transition from home to adopted home, we stay connected with your student. Our multifaceted approach helps to make students feel a sense of community.



Summer Housing

We will work with your student to find housing options that match their budget, transportation and safety needs. We will assist with the application process and assist them navigating issues that may arise.

Language Support

We have interpreters to make communications easier including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Vietnamese and others available upon request.



Shopping Excursion
A Campus Concierge will take students for their first big shopping trip in the states. This could include a grocery store, hardware store, or Big Box store. We will guide student through the shopping process, teach them how to navigate the American shopping experience and help them to acquire the extras needed to make their university feel like home. Students must pay for their purchases.

Priced at $3700 for the academic year for 60 hours

a savings of $800 over a la carte, hourly pricing