Are you having difficulty finding Health Professionals for your student’s unique needs? Is your student experiencing a crisis or an unexpected health issue? Campus Concierge is here to provide support and vetted resources for medical, behavioral, and psychological needs.


Whether the need is proactive or urgent, finding behavioral and medical health professionals is exhausting. After discussion, our licensed social worker will vet health professionals who meet your student’s unique needs, accept your insurance and welcome new patients.


Our licensed social worker will provide basic sex education, including birth control, disease awareness, privacy protections, and information of relevant state laws.


Professionals will craft a health plan including nutrition, exercise, and productivity strategies for improved well-being.


We will arrange private or group personal safety classes to familiarize students with personal safety techniques and elevate safety awareness.


We will meet your student in the ER and stay until s/he is discharged or admitted to the hospital.


It is hard to be in two places at one time and Campus Concierge provides a comprehensive collection of all -inclusive student support services focused on real -time college student needs at an economical price. Our bundles encourage academic success and logistical preparedness.


We build a security net for students navigating academic challenges with tutor referrals, time management suggestions and accountability meetings.


We guide through the application and travel requirements prior to departure for international studies


We perform research on location, safety, and availability when a housing change is needed in a foreign city


We provide a list of English-speaking health professionals including internist, dentist, one specialist and pharmacy.


We consult in selecting appropriate interview clothing, (or refer students to a vetted personal shopper) and conduct virtual practice interviews with feedback.


When legal problems arise, we provide a list of vetted attorneys from our nationwide network for excellent legal representation.


We coach students on practical solutions to resolve problems before spending lots of money on expensive lawyers.


Whether moving into housing or moving out of it, we have an efficient system to assist students in planning for the transition. We also offer to coordinate and supervise in-coming or out-going moves for on-campus and off-campus residences.


We guide students and families through preparation for college and living away from home.


after meeting with student and identifying priorities, we assist in finding acceptable upper level and graduate housing


after discussion of budget, safety, and lifestyle concerns, we research summer housing options and make recommendations.


We customize tours to accelerate familiarity with an area. Great for students or their visiting families.


We start where placement agencies end providing a comprehensive package of support services including residential assistance, academic reinforcement, immigration and visa monitoring, cultural support, integrated health care referrals and language support.


We offer student centered concierge services and traditional concierge services for students and their families.


Seasonal and Special Occasion Gift packages are available year-round.