Campus Concierge was born when longtime friends, Amy and Susie, discovered they were both constantly managing “college” concerns for family and friends. Stephanie soon joined offering critical social work experience. Together they form a dynamic team, each contributing unique strengths to address their clients’ needs.


Susie Glatt Greenberg

Creating pathways for academic success is Susie’s lifelong work. She began advocating for handicapped students seeking access to public education while a Northwestern Law student and she has been advocating for students and quality education ever since. Representing students as a licensed attorney or volunteer, Susie has worked with gifted students, struggling students, handicapped students, refugee children, LGBTQ+ kids and first-generation students in their quest to academically thrive. While serving on her high school Foundation Board, she worked on strategic plans for academic enrichment, chaired fundraising campaigns, and served on a nationwide leadership search committee, work that elevated the school to a Top 10 Public High School in Georgia for many years.

Susie became a transitions “expert” while her four children attended summer camp and then university in the United States and abroad. She watched her kids struggle with academic and nonacademic challenges. Drawing on her experience, she quickly developed strategies to help them overcome obstacles in the college years and beyond. Soon, Susie was assisting a larger community of friends and friends of friends with logistical concerns, collegiate moves, mental health support, medical referrals, academic struggles, and legal troubles. Her relaxed but no-nonsense attitude satisfies both anxious parents and defiant students. Susie loves working with college students because they are creative, energetic, and optimistic.

As an active community volunteer, Susie donates her time to social justice issues and the CASA Guardian Ad Litem program for foster children. Married to a pediatric specialist, one often finds Susie and her husband at concerts or on the hiking trail. She also enjoys reading, travel and Betty, the family cat. Susie is licensed to practice law in Illinois, Georgia, and District of Columbia.


Amy Bennett Shea

Amy is passionate about logistics, personal organization, and time management. While gaining experience as an operations officer for regional banks and as a small business owner, Amy certified as a Securities Operations Professional (CSOP) and National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). In her professional roles, Amy trained employees in crisis management, budget development, and systems operations. Her experience shines through as her easy but direct manner helps clients- both students and parents- understand the importance of productive daily routines.

Amy’s management skills transferred effortlessly to her four children. Always an education advocate, Amy worked tirelessly for thriving public education in Atlanta while Co-President of their high school PTO. Amy was a Big Ten swimmer and athleticism has always been important to her. Drawing on her experience as an athlete, education advocate and operations specialist, Amy became a transitions “expert” for her family. She coordinated athletic training, secured academic support, and navigated travel logistics for her daughters, all Division-1 soccer athletes playing for Wisconsin, Dartmouth, and Johns Hopkins. Other parents noticed her girls’ success and Amy became the “go-to” resource for players, parents and coaches faced with logistical, physical, and academic challenges. Her reputation quickly grew outside collegiate soccer circles and Amy has been guiding athletes and non-athlete students in the Big Ten, SEC, ACC and Ivy Leagues since 2011.

Amy enjoys assisting students overcome the challenges of a post-pandemic world and there isn’t a challenge that intimidates her. She is a dog lover and shares her office with her two Boxers, Sissy and Meg. In her free time, you can find Amy walking, planning weddings or fishing with her husband.


Stephanie Fastow Kupor, LMSW

Listening, validating, and supporting others are values that guide Stephanie’s work. As Director of Integrated Health, Stephanie combines her skills as a medical social worker and crisis counselor to help college students obtain the medial and mental health resources they need. Believing that each person is unique, Stephanie starts every new relationship with an interview and needs assessment. Her calm and focused questioning style elicits a good understanding of her client’s needs. Then, she begins the work of finding providers with a good fit for her clients.

After obtaining a Master of Social Work from the University of Texas, Stephanie began her career as a children’s therapist at a residential center for women with addictions. From there she transitioned to a role as a medical social worker practicing in a hospital setting, where she provided psychosocial assessments and treatment plans for cardiovascular and transplant patients. She counseled patients and their family members within the hospital setting and provided support and resources, including helping them access available insurance coverage. Stephanie is an active Crisis Counselor for the Crisis Text Line. Since 2016, she has delivered individualized text-based counseling and support services to over 2300 teenage and adult clients working through issues such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, relationship issues, feelings of isolation, self-harm, grief, bullying, emotional abuse, and substance use. Her counseling focuses on providing support, goal setting, identifying coping strategies and providing resources.

Stephanie skillfully helped her two daughters navigate their interests in performing arts, literary arts, and science to thrive at Northwestern and the University of Michigan. She is an active community volunteer and political activist. Stephanie enjoys reading, travel and playing with her rescue dogs, Bryce and Grady. In her spare time, you can find her in playing doubles tennis or hiking with her husband. Stephanie is a licensed master social worker in the state of Georgia.